Who is Poynting?

Poynting innovates, designs and manufactures integrated antennas solutions primarily for wireless high speed data applications such as 4G LTE residential as well as B2B, antenna solutions for GSM, M2M, DTV (digital TV) and other CPE applications within the telecommunication, broadcast and consumer market.

Legacy of innovation

Based in Samrand South Africa, Poynting is the proud holder of more than 50 patents widely used in its unique antenna solutions for enhanced wireless communications for LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, RF and other applications.Poynting was founded on the deep knowledge and understanding of the principles of electromagnetics, RF propagation, antenna design and development. Poynting employees include graduate as well as professionally registered engineers with doctorate level expert knowledge of the technology and the industry.Poynting has legacy of innovative design and delivery with customers and partners worldwide.The approach has resulted in extensive Intellectual Property (IP) with over 50 patents and registered trademarks.

Poynting has legacy of innovative design and delivery with customers and partners worldwide.



Poynting has its head-office in South Africa and its regional head-office in Munich Germany. Manufacturing operations are based in Shenzhen China as well Johannesburg South Africa supplying to partners all over the world.

Support programs & initiatives

Bloodhound SSC cooperation – Poynting designed and built antennas for the iconic Bloodhound SSC, the ultimate supersonic vehicle that will attempt to break the current land speed world record at Haakskeenpan in South Africa in 2016.


Antennas now offered through RealTime Ops:

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About RealTime Ops:

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About Poynting Antennas:

Poynting is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of fixed wireless, LTE and CPE GSM cellular antennas in the 3 MHz range. The product range span virtually all applications in this range, with specific products for telecommunication, corporate and private or small office users.